Travel clothing: Your selection of travel clothes will be influenced by the season in which you are making the trip to Bad Berka. Overall, the weather around the Bad Berka area is generally cooler and more rainy than in other parts of Germany. In the winter this translates into snow and cold temperatures. The best approach is to take clothing you can layer. During the winter months consideration should be given to wearing waterproof or water-resistant shoes. During the winter months it is not unusual for streets and sidewalks to be covered in snow, ice and water.

During the summer months Bad Berka can get warm, but is normally temperate.

Clothing for the Hospital when getting PRRT: For persons coming from the United States for PRRT, it


Staying in the Frankfurt Area

There are numerous options for hotels in the Frankfurt area. All the major hotel chains have hotels. If you have a relationship with a chain like Sheraton, Best Western, Marriott, etc., you might contact them first.

We have some feedback from Bad Berka patients who stayed in the Frankfurt area going to Bad Berka or returning home.  Here are some of their suggestions.

Airport Sheraton – This hotel is by far the most convenient since it is right at the

For the Patient: The rooms in the Zentralklinik Nuclear Medicine Ward are standard in terms of the facility. What changes is whether the room is private – occupied by only one patient – or is non-private and has two patients. Depending upon room location on the Ward, some rooms are a little more spacious than others. Standard equipment includes the adjustable hospital bed and bedding. In each room there is a small booth-like eating area (table and two bench seats) and a locker where

Before the Treatment


Typically a patient going in for a scheduled PRRT will check into the Zentralklinik on a Sunday and then begin scans and tests on Monday. During that time the patient can spend time with family members at any time the patient is not in the Nuclear Medicine Ward. Family members/friends can go with a patient when a test or scan is scheduled in the klinik up until the time of the PRRT. Family members/friends can go to the door of the Nuclear Medicine Ward, but they may

Bad Berka

There are a few restaurants in the town - click here for the current tripadvisor recommendations.

We have had excellent meals at Altes Brauhaus and at Das Gasthaus Nagel.

For Weimar see Places to Eat