With a little planning it is easy to stay in touch with friends and loved ones when you are being treated at the clinic.


The nuclear medicine ward has WiFi - you will need to ask one of the nurses for the current code.  You should familiarize yourself with how to enter a WiFi security code (sometimes called a password) in the wireless connection section of your computer. NEW SUMMER of 2012: Patients are now asked to pay 3 Euro per day for Wi-Fi. This may also apply to people trying to use the Wi-Fi in the lobby. We  do not have actual policy yet, but patients tell us that at Finance when checking in you are asked to either pay a 150 Euro deposit, out of which the 3 Euro charge per day will be taken, or you can leave your

Food On the Nuclear Medicine Ward

This may be hard to believe, but for most American patients, the biggest challenge of doing the PRRT is the food served in the Nuclear Medicine Ward. This is not because the food is bad, but it is just that the American diet is different. Meals on the ward usually consist of different versions of German cold cut meats, cheeses and breads/rolls for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There is an English version of a menu that is given to each patient, allowing the

Overview of Travel


For patients coming from outside of Germany, there is a common travel path that patients can follow. There are variations to this depending upon what suits individual needs and schedules.

1) Fly into Frankfurt Main Airport (airport code FRA).

2) Take Intercity Express Train (ICE) from airport train station to the city of Weimar. This is about a 3 hour trip.

3) From Weimar train station take a taxi to a hotel or to the Zentralklinik in Bad Berka. This is about a

You will need to pack your own clothing ...

Tourist Information Office -- There is a tourist information office located on one corner of the Market Platz across from the Weimar Town Hall. On one side of the building front is the entrance to  the Tourist Office and on the other is the entrance to a travel agency. In the Tourist office they do speak some English, at least enough for you to get information about bus tours of Weimar,  walking tours given in English and the wonderful museums to be visited . There are brochures and