The manner in which payment is made for treatment at Bad Berka is quite different from the way this process works in the United States.

The first big difference is that the Finance Office will ask the patient to pay in advance for the treatment. This is normally not done in the United States since most transactions involve insurance coverage that takes place after a treatment. The Zentralklinik finance office will ask that a patient pay in advance and they prefer to do a direct wire transfer of the payment or payment via credit card.

Other patients prefer to wait until they are actually at the Zentralklinik before making payment. The first thing a patient must do when checking in to the Zentralklinik is to pay for the treatment

 The Finance Office at the Zentralklinik has been accommodating to patients who want to understand the potential financial implications for getting PRRT at Bad Berka. The office will provide estimates for PRRT and for the 68-Gallium PET/CT scan and arrange payment for the treatment.  You should request a treatment at least 30 days prior to your treatment.

You may make your request to: Anja Milde

Some patients have been successful in seeking reimbursement for PRRT treatment and follow up. The process varies greatly based on your insurance company and if your policy is offered by the insurance company directly or if the insurance company manages the policy for the company you work for as a "self insured policy."

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The cost of PRRT at Bad Berka is typically a bundled cost that includes two major categories. These will appear as two separate bills at the time of your discharge:


The Nuclear Medicine Treatment Cost: this includes general hospital costs for accommodations, meals, custodial costs, the 68-Gallium PET/CT scan and the PRRT (including related drugs, nuclides, syringes, etc.).

The Doctors' Fee: this includes all doctors' fees for treatment planning, scheduling, supervision, evaluation of