The best way to get around the heart of the city (the old town area) is by walking. There are taxis to be found, but most places of interest, hotels, and restaurants are within a 10-15 minute walk of each other. Further away, but still walkable from the old town area is the train station.

Buses -- There are local buses as well, but if you aren't well versed in German that could be a challenge.  However, this is a very economical way to get around. You might even consider taking the bus to the Zentralklinik from Weimar or even from the Klinik to Weimar. The one way cost is 2.4 Euros, a real deal compared to taking a taxi.

Taking a bus from the Zentralklinik -- A bus leaves the Klinik at about 8 minutes after every hour. Buses start

Places to Shop

T-Mobile Store - for German system cell phones and modems - This store T-Mobile/German Telekom retail store is located at the corner of Wieland Street and Geleit Street.  Several of the sales people speak English and they are very helpful if you want to purchase an inexpensive cell phone to use while in Germany on the German telecom systems.

Muller-StoreDrug Store/Target-like Store --- Muller (on Schiller Street). The main entrance to the Muller Store is located right on Schiller

In Alphabetical Order:

Amielienhof Hotel -- This is a small boutique hotel a few blocks away from the Market Platz. People staying there have liked it and said the hotel staff does speak some English. There is Internet connectivity, but not by Wi-Fi, only by hard wire hook up (Ethernet cable needed) at the time of this writing.

Dorint Hotel - This hotel fronts on a nice park. It is one of the higher end hotels. Relatively large and modern. It is a short walk from the Market Platz and the old


Anno1900Anno 1900 Restaurant Cafe - This is a small restaurant not far (across the street)  from the Russischer Hof hotel.  It is a little more formal and a little more pricey than some other restaurants in town. They do have a menu in English and food is quite good. Depending on the time of year and the time of day you may want to dine, it could be a good idea to get a reservation. This restaurant fills up pretty fast sometimes.

AntoniosPizzaAntonio's Pizza - People from Bad Berka and from Weimar

Castle Adventure

Wartburg Castle Trip -- If you are adventurous then you might try a trip outside of Weimar to the Wartburg castle. This castle overlooks the town of Eisenach which is about an hour train ride from Weimar. I suggest you look up Wartburg castle on Wikepedia for full historical details.

As it turns out you can purchase a package deal tp visit the castle from the Bahn train system. You can get tickets at the train station in Weimar. The package for two includes the train ride