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A Patient Story – Roger J.


I watched the tear rise in my wife's eyes as the door to the double foyer closed and see watched me walk into the PRRT radiation ward. She wanted to spend the morning in my room prior to the testing of my body began. We had traveled two days to arrive in an unfamiliar small town in eastern Germany. Most of the town folk spoke no English and looked at us with an odd stare as it was obvious we were visitors in their historic city. The previous evening we had checked into a well maintained boutique type hotel and took advantage of our free time to explore the small resort town. It was the first week of December, the air was cold and the local residents were preparing for Christmas. The Christmas decorations on the Tudor style homes were crisp and impeccable.

My room had two beds and I was the first occupant to arrive. The male nurse spoke some English and delightfully helped me settle into what would become my home for the next week. He connected my internet, brought coffee and I settled into some internet browsing. I heard a knock on the door as it flung open and was invited to begin my tests. Over the next two days the courteous staff drew blood several times, performed two kidney exams, an ultrasound and of course the infamous GA-68 scan. I especially appreciated the staff taking special effort to explain each test and exam to make sure I understood not only what they were doing but why. The tests offered little discomfort.