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CCAN's annual conference was held in Long Island, New York on August 20th 2011.  The theme of the day long conference was "Multidisciplinary Approach to the Diagnosis Treatment and Monitoring of NETs." Speakers included several local oncolgists, as well as Dr, O'Dorisio from Iowa,  Dr. Delpassand from Excel Diagnostics in Houston.and Leigh Anne Burns from Ochsner Kenner's Neuroendocrine Program.  It was a full day starting with an introduction to NETs, methods of detection as common ways to treat -  with talks throughout the day on interventional radiology, surgery, blood markers, imaging and PRRT.  As this writer does at many conference I take notes in real time and make them available to the NET Community and while efforts is takn to take  accurate notes – there are certain to be omissions and errors – SO PLEASE talk to your medical professional – do not rely on these notes as a basis for treatment.

Robert Wahmann – Introduction to CCAN

Thanks to CCAN there is a NET Awareness Day in NY and other states. NETs are not as rare as one thinks – Throughout the day you will hear about what NETs are, What to Ask and what your treatment options are.