As of January 2020, Dr. Baum will be located at the THERANOSTICS CENTER FOR RADIOMOLECULAR PRECISION ONCOLOGY in Wiesbaden  (very close to Frankfurt/Main airport (20 minutes by car or commuter train)). Dr. Baum will have full access to complete diagnostic and treatment facilities. 
As of December 15, 2019, please use the following contact information:

Professor Dr. Richard P. Baum, MD, PhD
THERANOSTICUM Frankfurt-Wiesbaden
at DKD Clinic
Aukammallee 33
65191 Wiesbaden, Germany
To send an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Harshad R. Kulkarni, MD, will manage the care of those patients who will still need to be treated at ZBB due to special technical requirements (e.g. ALPHA-PRRT, intra-arterial PRRT, treatment with antagonists, etc.).

Lab work can be sent by email while Imaging studies (especially PET/CT) should be sent on CD to the address above starting in January 2020.