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Food On the Nuclear Medicine Ward

This may be hard to believe, but for most American patients, the biggest challenge of doing the PRRT is the food served in the Nuclear Medicine Ward. This is not because the food is bad, but it is just that the American diet is different. Meals on the ward usually consist of different versions of German cold cut meats, cheeses and breads/rolls for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There is an English version of a menu that is given to each patient, allowing the patient to choose items for each meal. Originally this was only in German. The only problem is that for many of the food items there is no English (read American) translation for the food. So, in many cases, the patient does not really know what he or she will be getting when they order their next meal.

There are ways around this situation. If the patient has a spouse or significant other who is willing to get food (Take-Out) from the nearby Station 33 restaurant or the small café in the lobby and bring it to the Nuclear Medicine Ward, they can have a more varied diet. Some food items can be purchased at the mini-market too, but usually this consists of snack items. Staff members on the ward will take food to patients if they are delivered to the Ward door. If asked nicely, staff members have been known to heat food in a microwave that is located on the Ward.

There is also an abundance of hot water available - bringing instant soups, oatmeal as well as meal replacement bars can help.

Patients must remember that they will not be allowed out of the ward for 48 hours once treatment has begun, so plan accordingly.