For the Patient: The rooms in the Zentralklinik Nuclear Medicine Ward are standard in terms of the facility. What changes is whether the room is private – occupied by only one patient – or is non-private and has two patients. Depending upon room location on the Ward, some rooms are a little more spacious than others. Standard equipment includes the adjustable hospital bed and bedding. In each room there is a small booth-like eating area (table and two bench seats) and a locker where small items of luggage can be stored, some shelves to hold clothing and a small space for hanging coats, pants or shirts.


The bottom part of the storage closet will accommodate a regular size roll-on carry-on bag. Large pieces of luggage may have to be stored near the bed along the wall.

When a patient checks into the Nuclear Medicine Ward they are given an electronic key fob. This allows the patient access to the Ward for those times when the patient is free to be outside the Ward. 

There is a period of time before the PRRT and after the therapy that the patient will be free to move about the Klinik, in this case they need the electronic key to get into the ward. Outside of staff, only patients are allowed in the ward.

For Caregivers, Family, or Significant Others: Depending upon availability, cost and convenience there are a number of choices open to caregivers, family and/or significant others who accompany a patient during the treatment time. There are hospital rooms in the klinik. There are small apartment style rooms located not far from the klinik, there are hotels located in the nearby village of Bad Berka that are nice and there are hotels located in the city of Weimar where the train station is located.

Rooms at the Zentralklinik: Probably the most affordable accommodations are the hospital rooms in the Zentralklinik medical center. Arrangements can be made through the Patient Services Office at the Zentralklinik. The rooms are located in a wing of the klinik and they are available on a limited basis. 

Apartment style rooms at the Kindergarten: There are several buildings located a short walk away from the Zentralklinik. These rooms have several beds, a table and some chairs, a small television set and a small refrigerator. There is no cooking facility. There is a spacious bathroom with shower. The facility is referred to as the Kindergarten because the ground floor of one of the buildings is actually a kindergarten that is in operation on a daily basis. Arrangements to stay here are made through the Patient Services Office at the Zentralklinik.

Hotels in Bad Berka

Bad Berka is a small village, but does have several small hotels to choose from. Below are listed a few suggestions based on the experience of a few patients and their family members. Rates and other information about the hotel should be obtained directly from the facility or their website as appropriate.

Velo Inn:  The Inn has been open since late 2011 - It is situated next to the river and a bike path and yes they do rent bikes!. Clean and comfortable with an excellent breakfast.  The rates are very affordable and include free internet, breakfast is an extra 8 euros. can be used to make reservations.  As an added bonus if you are coming by train you can have, Dietmar, the owner arrange for a pick you up at Erfurt instead of of switching trains to Weimar. The transportation is extra and will cost just a little more than taking a taxi from Weimar to Bad Berka - but it saves a transfer to another train and a taxi. Velo Inn.

Hotel Am Goethebrunnen: This hotel is located a little further from the Zentralklinik. The setting for the hotel is very quiet, being adjacent to a small park. There is a nice restaurant located in the hotel. The hotel offers Internet connectivity. The website is:

Hotels in Weimar: There are many hotels in and around Weimar prices vary accordingly. We advise doing Internet searches to find a hotel that fits your pocketbook and the location you would like.