ZentralKSolarium2RevThe Zentralklinik is a large 500+ bed medical center complex. It has well maintained grounds and some unusual buildings. One building is located across the way from the Nuclear Medicine Ward and can be seen from some of the windows in the ward. This particular building has a large area – several stories in size that looks like a patient and/or staff lounge. It is built like a large atrium with multiple floors that are below ground level.


Views from a room in the Nuclear Medicine Ward.


This building also has a small outdoor park built on the roof.Dachgarten


The photo below shows the walkway between the central building and the building that contains the PET/CT scan facility on the second floor.


The front of the main building is connected by a glassed-in walkway to another building. This photo is taken from the opposite side of the front entryway.


Not far from the main building is the Station 33 Restaurant, however we've been advised that as of June 18, 2017, the restaurant has been closed down.  Click here for more info about dining.


Note that there is no information as to whether another restaurant will replace Station 33.