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Other Areas in Medical Center


There are other areas of the medical center that the patient will visit in the course of being evaluated for PRRT or being restaged or evaluated for more PRRT.

PET/CT scan facility on second floor

This facility is located on the second floor of a building connected to the main building by a walkway. Below is a photo of the sign next to the door leading into the PET/CT scan area. Note button below the Nuclear Radiation sign. The button rings a bell that alerts staff members to come to the door.



Below is a photo of the PET/CT scanner that you will be using when you get your 68-Gallium PET/CT or FDG PET scan.

PET-CT scanner

Right outside the doors leading into the scanning area is a waiting area with comfortable chairs and a small table or two. This is where the patient and friends/family with the patient can wait. See the section called Tests and Scans at the Zentralklinik for information about this area.


From the waiting area outside of the PET/CT facility you can look down on the lobby area of this building. It has a large lounge area for patients and visitors to relax.

Lounge on first floor beneath PET/CT facility.

Halle Westtrakt


Dr. Baum's Office area

A short way down the hall from the PET/CT scan area is Dr. Baum's office. During the day you can usually find Frau Cihar behind the office door.


Here is a short video about how to find your way around the klinik for tests.

Photo Credits: James M., Gary M., Josh M., Elisabeth W., John M.