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Getting to Weimar

The trip to Weimar is around 3 hours long – give or take 10 to 15 minutes - so be prepared. Sometimes a conductor will go through the car and sell drinks and snacks, but you might want to purchase something in the Frankfurt station to take with you. When you get to Weimar this is what the platform looks like. Below are photos of Platforms 3 and 4.



After getting off the train you will find a stairway leading to a tunnel that in turn takes you to the main part of the station.


Once into the station you will see a number of shops. There is a good sandwich and pastry shop located at the entryway to the tunnel. There is a small mini-mart in the station. There is also a ticket office. The photo below is taken from the end of the Weimar Train Station near the ticket office


WeimarCoffeeCultureTrainStatRevFor those looking for an espresso coffee to wake yourself up, there is a shop called Coffee Culture. This is like a Starbuck's in the US. This shop is located near the entrance to the ticket office.






The photo below is of the Weimar Train Station as seen from outside. Note the white cars parked outside. This is the area where taxi cabs park. When you exit the train station just look to your left and you should see a line of taxis waiting to pick up passengers.


Photo credits: Bill H