Many patients have shared their own journeys with us. We are happy to share them with you.

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BadBerkaStreetRevThe town of Bad Berka is small as towns go. According to Wikipedia it has about 8,000 residents. It takes about 15 minutes or less to walk the main street of the town from end to end – and that is walking slowly. If you stop at the Ice Cream shop it will take a little longer!

From the perspective of the patient waiting to go for treatment or waiting to return home, the town offers a few things to do.

There are a few restaurants, mentioned in another section on this site (click here) as

This is a photo guide of what to look for when you take the train from the Frankfurt airport to Weimar on your way to Bad Berka.

Please note that depending on the season there will be a nonstop train to Weimar or you may need to transfer at Erfurt.


FF-hbf-sign1RevWhen you get off the plane at Frankfurt and you have cleared Passport Control, start looking for the direction signs to the train station that is just adjacent to Plane Terminal 1. You will see signs like this one.

Depending upon what