Patient Stories

PRRT Experience — The Patient's Perspective

A number of patients who have had PRRT have asked to share their story about their experience. The articles presented here are in the words of people who have undergone one or more PRRT. They are meant to share the feelings and perspectives about this treatment at various clinics around the world with those who may be considering PRRT for themselves. Please as with all advice medical or travel, confirm the information with your doctor, the clinic or travel provider.  If you would like to share your story with others on this website you can contact us here.

As a Canadian I believe we get good average health care. But when you hear that you have neuroendocrine cancer you learn a lot fast. First of all you find out that most doctors, including oncologists know very little about the disease and how to treat it. The next thing you do is look to the US and in my case I took 2 trips to MD Anderson to find out that the best rated cancer hospital in the world does not have any more to offer for neuroendocrine cancer. So you look further and so do your

When I first heard about PRRT from a fellow Nueroendocrine Tumor (NET) patient, my first reaction was very guarded. Years of watching television programs such as 2020 and 60 Minutes as they unmasked unethical foreign charlatans who were selling laetrile in Mexico to cure cancer or promising ALS patients a miracle cure made me very cautious. I began doing my homework while keeping mum to my loved ones about this possible new treatment choice.

After five years of treatment for a very rare form