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The third visit in August was like old hat. We were now comfortable with the process. I just brought more American food. Yes...even the waiting and anxiety was the same. We studied the red, yellow and black scans and now the tumors had decreased. Yes I said decreased! My largest tumor went from 6.0cm to 4.6cm. Dr. Baum told us the third treatment would consist of both Lu-177 and Yitrium-90. I had tolerated the previous treatments well and my kidney functions were normal, so it time for more aggressive treatment.

We again smiled as the 747 touched home soil. Our hopes were high and we had a schedule to return to friendly Bad Berka in a year. The next two CT scans at my local hospital confirmed my tumors had decreased in size.

My wife and I smile at each other as we sip a glass of wine sitting on our deck knowing we had made the right decision.

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