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We both sat nervously outside Dr. Baum's office as we waited to find out the scan's verdict. I crossed my legs what seemed like 300 times and continuously stood and sat as our wait lengthened. I finally saw his pleasant face and grey hair turn the corner and we followed him into his office. He graciously shared my SUV, standard uptake values, were high and I was an excellent PRRT candidate. I was relieved. I slept great that evening.

Ten o'clock the next morning the PRRT ward's head physician entered my room. I tried to crack a joke or two but she didn't seem amused. She finally managed a small smile when I asked her about her young son. The male nurse hooked up an IV to feed my body full of amino acids to protect my kidneys from the radiation. Finally he slid the thick lead box my way and carefully handled the radiation...Lutetium 177. It was supposed to do damage to the Carcinoid tumors in my liver. I watched the medicine enter my body through the IV and was surprised I felt nothing.

I was like an animal in a cage for the next two days. I felt great. No nausea and my energy level was out the roof. I was quarantined for 48 hours. My bags had been packed for hours as I watched the minute hand align with the twelve which meant...I was a free man. I roared out the doors, hugged and kissed my beautiful wife and headed to the nearest McDonalds. The food didn't seem right as my body began to feel odd. The nausea had arrived. It seemed like a tidal wave of nausea took over my body. The food tasted burned but it wasn't. I regretted not asking for anti-nausea medication. Next time I would. The flight home was long and my nausea would get worse before improving about a week later. I smiled and offered a hand pump as the planes wheels touched good old American soil. Dulles Airport seemed like heaven. Made it through customs and was on my way to retrieve my bags when I heard the deep male voice tell me to stop. I'll never forget his question, "Sir, have you had medical treatments?" I told him yes, showed him Dr. Baum's letter but he insisted to inspect my body with his hand held Geiger counter. My face dropped to my knees when he took our passports and invited us to a special room. His comments, "This radiation is only used for animals." The two hour wait in this small office made me want to rip his silly smirk off his face, my plane was on its way to my home without me and the purposively Home Land Security professional, could only shake his head with ignorance. Finally they had confirmation. I was human they accepted Dr. Baum's letter and we on our way home. But not until the next day.