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At this writing we are planning a fourth trip to Bad Berka in May, 2010 and we have made some changes in our trip planning since that first time. First of all, we bought two German phones at about 20Euros each. This allows us to speak to one another at any time to insure my husband doesn't have to sit around all day not knowing what I am doing or when he will next see me. We purchased the phones in Weimar and they come preloaded with 200 minutes of talk time, plenty for all of our stays. Phones can be purchased in Germany at Vodafone or Tmobile. You just need to take a passport to go with each phone. Also, my husband now stays at a little hotel in Weimar called the Amelienhof that has free parking, free internet and free breakfast as well as being located in the center of town close to museums and restaurants. We have chosen to rent a car on our last two trips, driving from Frankfurt in September and taking the train to Erfurt (one stop before Weimar) the second time. For our next trip we will fly to Prague and drive the 3.5 hours to Bad Berka. Presently I have great hope. A year ago I doubted that I would be alive now. Now I have canceled my expensive life insurance policy that expires in 3 years. We will spend that money on traveling and having fun. I hope that my experiences will help you in your planning.

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