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My perspective as the wife/fellow traveler: As Jay said above, we rented an Airbnb for our trips to Weimar. I preferred this as I was alone much of the time. Weimar is extremely safe and though it can be intimidating with the language barrier, I learned so much about myself and the German people during our time spent there. I ate at Italian restaurants much of the time because their menus were so easy to understand. There is even a “Weimar Texas Steakhouse” that had pretty decent American style meals and good ol’ American burgers. There are sausage carts in the town center if you are in the mood for a German bratwurst and they are amazing. Also, the German restaurants are excellent if you want to try local fare. If I needed help with translation, I used a photo translation application on my smart phone and google translate will do this on the fly by using your camera on the phone. With the app, you just take a picture and it will translate what it sees into English. A godsend of an application. There is SO much to see in the area and I made the most of my time while Jay was in lockdown. Weimar is on the UNESCO heritage site list. The museums, palaces, libraries, and history you can uncover there is absolutely amazing. I also ventured out to explore surrounding towns (though Weimar itself has so much to see, it can be overwhelming). The German people may not be quite as friendly and outgoing as their American counterparts, but they are NOT unfriendly. Many do not make eye contact and it can feel as though you are an outcast or are being ignored, but that is just their social makeup and it cannot be taken personally. Our first trip was downright intimidating. After the second, third and fourth, it was a breeze and I couldn’t wait to get back there. I have fallen in love with the country and the people. Eating alone, exploring alone and driving on the autobahn alone gave me a new sense of strength. If you are there with a loved one who is receiving treatment, you will be separated from them for several days. Rather than sitting around, worrying and waiting, get out there and explore!

Michelle R