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German-speaking Dan has since made three more trips to Bad Berka for PRRT sessions. At his second session, Dr. Baum noted a 30-50% reduction. His third treatment included dual PRRT for large and small tumors and indicated additional 30-50% shrinkage. During the time, Dr. Jean F. Botha in Omaha was receiving copies of all Dan’s scans from Germany. Dan returns to Germany every April for “restaging.” His condition remains “Stabilized and partial remission noted.”

It was also in Bad Berka where Dan met a team associated with Dr. Eric H Liu, M.D. from Vanderbilt Neuroendocrine Center, visiting Germany for PRRT training. Today, Dr. Liu and his team are running PRRT clinical trials at Vanderbilt and monitoring Dan’s progress. Dr. Liu, Dan and are working together to bring PRRT to the US.

Later, Dr. Botha performed surgery on Dan in Omaha to remove all the “dead and brittle” carcinoid tissue from his mid-gut. In three hours, Dan walked and felt significant relief. Essentially, Dan was found to be normal and his tumors are “stable.” His next appointment in Germany is in April 2014. Dan continues to meet with his base Chaplin every Monday for weekly prayer.