Visit Overview

 If a person is scheduled for PRRT before coming to Bad Berka, then the most common schedule is as follows. Note that the exact order and day plan may vary depending upon the patient's type of treatment (Y90, LU177 or both)  or how busy the ward and/or other departments are.

• Sunday Afternoon -- Check in to the Zentralklinik.  Usually a patient must make arrangements to pay for treatment with finance before they check in to the Klinik. Enterance / Registration Desk-New- Patients will recive a ID wristband as of summer 2012.
After check in you will go to Nuclear Medicine Ward to get room assignment, blood test and general instructions. Also, you will get an electronic FOB that will give you access to the Ward while you are there. Only patients are

Once a patient has a PRRT, then they should return to Bad Berka for a re-evaluation. This is done to assess how well the PRRT is working and to determine if another treatment is necessary. Typically patients return 3-4 months following their first treatment. This is commonly referred to as restaging.

Checking in – the usual schedule for restaging starts on a Monday. Patients can check in on Sunday in the late afternoon (after 5pm) or early Monday (8 am) morning by going to the reception area