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Leigh Anne Burns – NOLA Nutritionist – Nutrition for NET

Keep eye on portion size

Many things in your diet can help control symptoms and fatigue –

Nutrition problems among NETs
Involuntary weight loss
Muscle Mass Reduction
Reduction in amounts of nutrients
Decrease in immune system

What is weight loss – 1 week >2% , 1 month > 5%, 6 month >10%

Diarrhea and malabsorption
Tumor release
Side effect of meds (sando may stop more than just tumor hormone release)
Due to surgery / tumor the GI Tract may change
Food intolerance

Dietary intervention
High protein High Calorie Dense Diet – you are only hungry for 15 min – you need food ready with easy access
Altered Fiber Diet – Insoluble (whole wheat) – vs Soluble fiber – you need soluble fiber
Low Fat Diet – drop fat in diet – or add enzymes to your diet
Diarrhea Reducing diet – reduce insoluble fiber – perhaps meat
Low tyramine diet – (stop flushing) things that are aged – alcohol / soy sauce / cheese – sometime over ripe fruit – Left over might produce problems as well

CHEW YOUR FOOD…. Start your digestion while chewing

Alterations to improve tolerances
Eat smaller portions – 6 small feeding a day

Nutrition Supplements
Only replace when needed to intake and absorption (ensure, boost)
Modular – Juven, benecal
Specialty – Peptemen – when you can not absorb anything

Medications – Lomitol – Tincture of Opium

Symptoms steatorrhea –
Pancreatic enzyme

Symptom relief / weight stabilize
Increased fat soluble (try morning am or late afternoon sun)
Increase in food selection