Choosing to get treatment overseas can be a daunting task without a little help.  We have tried to simplify the process for those patients and caregivers who are interested in seeking treatment in Bad Berka.  The advice and recommendation presented here are compiled from many visit by different patients and caregivers.  On this page you will find all articles relating to the treatment process, you can also use the menu on left to go directly to a topic of interest.  If you have any suggestions or additions we are happy to hear from you, just click on this link and let us know.

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Medical Information From Zentralklinik

After consultation with Dr. Baum, the patient will receive a preliminary written report covering their 68-Ga PET/CT scan, the administration of the PRRT and other medical tests performed. Also reviewed is the current staging and a follow-up appointment time for restaging, as appropriate. The patient also receives a CD with the 68-Ga scan images, some printed images from the scan and a letter for airport security.

If the patient is a US citizen returning to the US then it is advisable that the security letter be carried where it can be readily available upon going through security at an American airport. More on this under Traveling Advice.

How A Patient May Feel After Treatment

Every patient

Blood Laboratory Work

Typically in the recommendations section of the patient's preliminary report all follow-up lab work is listed. Specific measurements may vary by patient, but in general, lab work is requested for:

• Blood

• Kidney Function

• Liver Function

• Some NET Bio-markers such as Cga and Seratonin

Dr Baum requests that all lab work results be emailed or faxed to him at his office

Most patients have their oncologist forward this information to Dr. Baum's Zentralklinik office.

The manner in which payment is made for treatment at Bad Berka is quite different from the way this process works in the United States.

The first big difference is that the Finance Office will ask the patient to pay in advance for the treatment. This is normally not done in the United States since most transactions involve insurance coverage that takes place after a treatment. The Zentralklinik finance office will ask that a patient pay in advance and they prefer to do a direct wire transfer

It is customary for Dr. Baum to meet with the patient at the time of discharge. At that time Dr. Baum discusses the initial observations on the effect of the PRRT and talks about next steps. This meeting usually includes a review of a preliminary report on the treatment that is provided to the patient, review of selected photo images made from the 68-Gallium scan and a CD with all images from the 68-Gallium scan.

Dr. Baum outlines the next steps for the patient in terms of blood lab work to be

 The Finance Office at the Zentralklinik has been accommodating to patients who want to understand the potential financial implications for getting PRRT at Bad Berka. The office will provide estimates for PRRT and for the 68-Gallium PET/CT scan and arrange payment for the treatment.  You should request a treatment at least 30 days prior to your treatment.

You may make your request to: Anja Milde