PRRTinfo.org is a site for patients considering PRRT (Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy) treatment in Germany written by patients for patients.   While much of this information can be used by patients seeking treatment at any PRRT Center worldwide, this site focus is on the treatment as provided by Dr. Richard Baum and his team at the Zentralklinik Bad Berka in Bad Berka, Germany. 

As of Jan 1, 2020. Dr. Baum has moved from Zentralklinik Bad Berka and now practices at  the THERANOSTICUM Frankfurt-Wiesbaden
at DKD Clinic. Please see the article below that details these changes.

PRRT has continued to evolve since this site was first launched in May of 2011. in 2017/18 Lu177 Dotatate was approved in Europe and

This site is maintained by Josh Mailman and Gary Murfin, who have both undergone treatment at the Zentralklinik, Bad Berka Germany and is for informational purpose only.

Gary Murfin: Diagnosed with carcinoid of the ileum in September 2008 w/ mets to lymph, liver and sacral bone. Primary and affected lymph nodes resected in October 2008. First PRRT w/ Lu-177 in September 2009. Stable for 2 years. Second PRRT in September 2011. Has had multiple 68-Ga PET/CT scans to monitor his status. He returns to Germany in March of 2014 for restaging. Gary has a masters degree in Intelligence Research and a Ph.D. in quantitative statistics. He worked as the Director of Evaluation at the Cancer Center of Hawaii for seven years in a past life. He