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Nuclear Medicine Ward

ElevatorSign-3rdNucMedRevThose people who are at the Klinik to get PRRT will become quite familiar with the Nuclear Medicine Ward. This Ward is located on the Third Floor of the main building and we are told that the walls of the Ward are lead lined because of the radiation used there. There are numerous signs with directional arrows on getting to the Ward. This sign at the left is on the wall next to the elevator that takes you to the third floor. The nuclear medicine ward is the Isotopentherapie that is on D3 (in yellow on sign). It is located down the hall from the children's playroom.


What follows is a brief tour of the Nuclear Medicine Ward. For more info on this Ward, click here.

Doors leading into the Nuclear Medicine Ward


Inside the doors is a staff office area and adjacent to this is a small lounge area that has some books and even an exercise bike, if you are so inclined.


A short video on getting from the main lobby to the Nuclear Ward