BadBerkaStreetRevThe town of Bad Berka is small as towns go. According to Wikipedia it has about 8,000 residents. It takes about 15 minutes or less to walk the main street of the town from end to end – and that is walking slowly. If you stop at the Ice Cream shop it will take a little longer!

From the perspective of the patient waiting to go for treatment or waiting to return home, the town offers a few things to do.

There are a few restaurants, mentioned in another section on this site (click here) as well as several grocery stores. One is located opposite of the Train Platform. The other is located along the main highway that goes through town on the way to Weimar.

Pick any street and it is likely to lead you to the Town Hall in the center of town or the church.

Bad Berka is very picturesque. Below is a photo of a small canal running through part of the town.


There is a nice restaurant near the center of town and it is located next to the canal shown above. It is called the Altes Brauhaus. Below is a photo. The food is excellent and the people friendly.AltesBrauhausRestaurantRev

Down the street from the Altes Brauhaus is the Ice Cream Shop – note ice cream cone sign. If you are a sweets can get ice cream, sundaes or ice cream sodas. Very popular on warm days.BadB-icecreamshopRev

If you decide to walk to the Zentralklinik you will walk several kilometers from the center of town and the walk is mostly up hill. Below is a photo of the street leading up to the Klinik. Note narrow road with sidewalk.




At one point on this walk there is a break in the houses lining the street and you can see the pretty countryside that surrounds the town of Bad Berka.BadBerkaCountry1Rev

Photo credits: Gary M.,John M.