Choosing to get treatment overseas can be a daunting task without a little help.  We have tried to simplify the process for those patients and caregivers who are interested in seeking treatment in Bad Berka.  The advice and recommendation presented here are compiled from many visit by different patients and caregivers.  On this page you will find all articles relating to the treatment process, you can also use the menu on left to go directly to a topic of interest.  If you have any suggestions or additions we are happy to hear from you, just click on this link and let us know.

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The cost of PRRT at Bad Berka is typically a bundled cost that includes two major categories. These will appear as two separate bills at the time of your discharge:


The Nuclear Medicine Treatment Cost: this includes general hospital costs for accommodations, meals, custodial costs, the 68-Gallium PET/CT scan and the PRRT (including related drugs, nuclides, syringes, etc.).

The Doctors' Fee: this includes all doctors' fees for treatment planning, scheduling, supervision, evaluation of examination results, considerations of disease and therapy effects, therapy process, analysis, appraisal of PET/CT examinations and imaging, infusions, and ward rounds, etc.

You will need a detailed billing in English for potential insurance claim use,

Some patients have been successful in seeking reimbursement for PRRT treatment and follow up. The process varies greatly based on your insurance company and if your policy is offered by the insurance company directly or if the insurance company manages the policy for the company you work for as a "self insured policy."

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