In a perspective article published in Dalton Transactions Issue 16, 2011, Drs. Rösch and Baum discuss the use of generator based PET radiopharmaceuticals to assist in optimizing target radiotherapy in the article  "Generator-based PET radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging of tumours: on the way to THERANOSTICS." 

Dalton TransactionsThe perspective available for download here discusses the concept behind "Theranostics" and how radiopharmaceuticals play a pivotal role.

Quoted from the perspective:

There are, interestingly, some molecular targeting vectors which could be used for both diagnoses (molecular imaging) and therapy (molecular targeted treatment), which is reflected in the acronymTHERANOSTICS. In the context of generator-based positron- emitting radionuclides the concept of THERANOSTICS is:

(a) to achieve a quantitative molecular imaging diagnosis of a disease (soft tissue tumours such as neuroendocrine cancer – imaged via peptidic molecular targeting vectors, or bone diseases such as metastases – imaged via bisphosphonate-based targeting vectors),

(b) a follow up personalised treatment with a therapeutic analogue utilizing the same molecular imaging vectors (i.e. "just" substituting the generator-derived diagnostic trivalent radiometal by a therapeutic analogue),

(c) making use of patient-individual dosimetric considerations based on the diagnostic protocol, and

(d) finally applying post-therapeutic control procedures, again using the quantitative PET/CT opportunities provided by the generator-derived positron emitters.

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